In 1991 Humberto (Uve) Arroyo, started working in restaurants. Little did he know that would be the beginning of his career. Having a family of his own he worked double shifts as a dishwasher. Later, as a busser. With time and confidence, he embarked on turning into a server for 10+years. Where guests requested him, and he became familiar with them and their families. In 2003 was given the opportunity to become a manager, managing both front and back duties of the restaurant. Managing over 20 employees. Yet continued to serve his guest and providing the best experience possible he could. Regardless of his position as a manager, you would still see him on the floor as a server, host, busser, cashier having the title as a manager was only a title, he maintained humble and acknowledged his roots.

  After 25 years working for the same company and 14 years later of Managing several restaurants, he took a life changing decision to embark on his own dream. Opening a restaurant with help from his two partners, Augustin Sanchez and Jose Luis Arroyo. Both Agustin & Jose Luis have multiple years of experience. Humberto, Agustin, & Jose Luis promise to provide exceptional guest experience, whereas a guest you’ll feel welcome and at home at Rosita’s Tex -Mex & Cantina

The Beginning of Rosita’s Tex-Mex

& Cantina